Bilder im Kopf

Interaktive Intermedia – Klanginstallation 2003 / 2007

2007 Förderung Bundesamt für Kultur / Sitemapping




Media: Videoprojektion, Loop 30 Min / 6 Kanal Audio / Kontrabass / Sensoren / Abspielgerät / Computer/ Profilscheinwerfer


Im Ausstellungsraum wird ein Kontrabass wirkungsvoll inszeniert und dient als "Interface". Wenn der Betrachter am Kontrabass zupft, eröffnet sich die Sinn- und Stimmungswelt (Surround) einer akustisch dargestellten Wohnung und deren Bewohnerin.


Images in the Head

"Images in the Head" is an interactive intermedia - sound installation that invites the public to come in, act and react. Its main topic is the "presence of the absence". A central function of the media is designated to bring that which is absent into being. In the showroom, a double bass is on display and serves as an interface. If the observer plays the strings of the double bass, an apartment's world of senses and moods (surround) opens up, merely represented by sound. Depending on which string is picked, different sounds come to life. These sounds may include those of a whispering woman, an answering machine, or the disappearing noises of an invisible inhabitant.